Category: Digital Certificates

  • What is a Public Key Certificate?

    A Public Key Certificate is a document. We can use it to share a public key directly with other users/people/services. It is also known as a digital certificate or identity certificate. Basically, a certificate tells someone else, that you own a certain public key. That public key can then be used to start a secure […]

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  • Digital certificates validation methods: a comparison

    Digital Certificates validation is an important topic in keeping information secure. In this article, I’ll show you a comparison of these methods. Using public-key cryptography solves the key exchange problem that exists in symmetric cryptography. However, another problem shows up: trust. Does the public key that comes from the other end of the connection belong […]

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  • OpenPGP: Encryption and digital signature using GpgFrontend

    This article explains what is OpenPGP and how to use it to encrypt and sign documents. You will understand how this standard works and the foundations of the security of hybrid cryptography systems. What is PGP, OpenPGP and GPG? Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is an encryption system that combines symmetric and asymmetric algorithms for encryption […]

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